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Osteopathy is hands on medicine that focuses on the health of the whole person. Osteopathy examines your presenting issues but also looks at those things that may maintain or contribute to your presenting problem. Treatment then works to restore function and balance in the body.

Osteopathy works well for all ages as it provides treatment that can be tailored to
the needs of the individual – from gentle to those that like a firmer approach!

“Osteopathy is the art of provoking self-correction in the body”  John Pierre Barral DO

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Osteopathy is a form of manual (hands on) medicine which uses a variety of techniques to restore normal joint and muscle movement, reduce pain and improve mobility as well as treating ligaments and soft tissues throughout the body.

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Dry Needling

This form of therapy uses acupuncture needles to address trigger points found in muscle and connective tissues. These points can cause pain at their site as well as referring pain elsewhere.  They can be caused by acute overload (eg. Overdoing it in the gym, garden or recreational activities) or by long term overuse (repetitive tasks at work or long term poor posture).

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Funcky Pilates

ProActive Movement

The ability to move well is a vital part of every day living. Many things may impact on your ability to do this (e.g. injury, arthritis, illness) but we can help maximise your movement and allow you to get the most out of life. ProActive Movement is a mix of movement modalities (Weights, Stretching, Pilates, JEMS, Strength and Body Weight) to challenge you and your body. Get back to moving well with confidence.

Suitable for those who are injured – we start where YOU are and go from there!

Programs can part of the treatment process or stand alone and are they always structured and supervised by your Osteopath.

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Good to know:

Appointments are available during the day, evenings and on weekends
and you can make an appointment online, which is easy and convenient.

You can claim your HICAPS rebate on the spot at the time of your consultation.
If you have an EPC and Chronic Disease Management plan (available from your GP) you can also
claim your rebate at the time of service.



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