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When I was thinking about a business name, I wanted to something that reflected how I wanted my patients to feel (fit and well!). In today’s busy world, it not something we devote a lot of time to thinking about. We often respond to our bodies only when something goes wrong with them – it becomes disease or disaster management rather than looking after our health. So, it is worth asking yourself the question – how well do I feel?

I guess the answer to that question might lie in how you define ‘well’. What does feeling well mean to you? Does it just mean the absence of pain, or perhaps it might mean being able to sleep peacefully through the night, feeling energetic and inspired when you wake up, being engaged and active in your chosen sports or hobbies, being able to get through your daily activities with confidence or being able to play with your kids or grandkids as you choose. Perhaps you haven’t ever thought about it!

Many patients come only when the have done something to hurt themselves – an acute injury or crisis. Others come for a few treatments for their niggling complaints that flare from time to time – like a spot fire that appears and needs putting out. Once it settles they disappear again until it niggles once more. A few take a more active approach and enjoy the benefits.

I wonder what it would be like to change the way we think about health from a reactive mode to a proactive mode? To actively think about our health and what it means to us, about what we want to feel and get out of our bodies and what we are prepared to do to maintain and promote our health.

You health is your most important asset. Without it, it would be difficult to work, engage with our family and friends, play sport, travel or do many other things we enjoy. It can be inconvenient, frustrating and expensive being sick. Not really an attractive option…..

So what’s the alternative?

Your health in an investment/asset in much the same way as your house or your superannuation is. It requires maintenance and regular contributions so that it can grow and support you into the future. It costs money to maintain in the short term but the long term benefits often outweigh the short term costs. I call this self care 🙂

In what areas might you invest more into your health for the future? What would you gain by doing so?

Osteopaths treat a wide range of conditions including musculoskeletal issues. Our focus is on you as a whole person and in finding your health – that balance that allows you to live a full and active life in a manner of your choosing. We look at your physical health but also how that relates other areas of your life and health – sleep, diet, stress, fatigue, exercise, relationships to self and others just to name a few.

We would love to assist you in getting the most out of your life. Regular treatment  (an acute issue might take 2-4 sessions to resolve, regular treatment means every 6-8 weeks, perhaps even up to 12) keeps you moving well and reducing pain can definitely improve your quality of life. We are also happy to provide advice, assistance and referral for other health issues that you may have to help you move towards health with confidence. Stop by for a chat soon to see how we can help you 🙂

Bookings can be made online (www.fitandwellosteo.com.au) or call 0417 579 281.